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ARC•OS Version 2.0, Build 1168/1098
Date Released: Nov 20, 2012

FlexAP Firmware Downloads:

ARCFlex Firmware Downloads:

Upgrade Notes

  • Client WDS + Router mode is no longer supported. Please switch to Client WDS + Bridge mode or Client + Bridge mode prior to upgrading.
  • Point-to-Point slave + Router mode is also no longer supported. Please switch to Point-to-Point slave + Bridge mode prior to upgrading.
  • The new web client requires Flash Player 11.1+. You may want to go ahead and download this before you upgrade. You can go here: to check your current flash player version.


  • Adjusted RF parameters for optimized performance
  • Added reset to defaults via USB thumb drive
  • Update the status bar (Apply/Discard/Test) so that it lives on top of the main UI area. This keeps someone from missing it if they're scrolled to the bottom.
  • Fixed UI caching issue - no browser refresh/cache clearing/incognito window necessary after upgrading the firmware
  • Created a new image format that performs file verification at upgrade (.img->.imd5, .apf->.amd5)
  • Added a new "Test Mode" country code that includes all 5GHz channels from 36 to 173. (Note: this is for testing only and should not be used if your country has frequency limitations).
  • Added freq next to channel on the Status tab and WLAN/WWAN tabs
  • Other minor UI improvements

Wireless (WWAN)

  • Added support for the new FlexTDMA protocol (only compatible with the ARCFlex™ FlexAP™). Please refer to the AutoTDMA option in the ArcOS manual.
  • Added a new AP WDS wireless mode to the WWAN radio
  • Added a new proprietary implementation of the Point to Point protocol
  • Improved (non-WDS) Client Bridge mode
  • Added a new Ruckus WDS Compatibility mode
  • Added a new Wavion Compatibility mode for ARCFlex devices operating as clients to a Wavion AP having multiple hidden SSIDs with the same MAC address
  • Added ability to change the number of tx/rx streams for MIMO radios
  • Rearranged the wireless tab sections on the WLAN and WWAN tabs


  • Added a client isolation option to the WLAN tab
  • Added ACK timeout setting


  • Added ability to create DHCP static leases


  • Heavily improved hotspot functionality
  • Added a UAM homepage option (Read More)
  • Improved the hotspot interface selection section of the Advanced tab

Status Tab

  • Added a DHCP renew button under the Networking Section
  • Added SNR, Last RSSI, Avg RSSI, rate, other info to the stats shown in the connected client list
  • Fixed bug causing some clients to be cut off the end of the list


  • Added telnet server to the services tab
  • Added an option to disable the reset button
  • Include AP TDMA capabilities in the site survey tool
  • Allow antenna alignment in all Point-to-Point modes

ARC•OS Version 1.2, Build 681
Date Released: March 5, 2012

Download: Media:Arcos.1.2.681.img‎

Upgrade Notes

The new web client requires Flash Player 11.1+. You may want to go ahead and download this before you upgrade. You can go here: to check your current flash player version.


  • Added Spanish as a language option.

Status Tab

  • Show clients for the W-WAN radio when it's in AP or Point-to-Point master mode.
  • Added DHCP lease list
  • Show error message if the version of the web UI client does not match with the firmware version. This may happen if you log into a radio with firmware version 1.1, then login to a radio with firmware version 1.2. The browser sometimes caches the client so it will not work as expected. It is advised you open a "Private" browsing window just to be safe when upgrading.

W-WAN Enhancements

  • Added ability to change the wireless operating mode for the W-WAN radio (this applies to the FlexUSB in the SplitStation and Split mARC products. In the FreeStation, this applies to the second W-WAN radio with the panel antenna.)
  • New modes include:
    • Access Point
    • Point-to-Point Slave mode
    • Point-to-Point Master mode
    • Client
    • We also now offer Non-WDS Client Bridge mode.
  • A reboot may be required when changing between certain operating modes. The blue "Apply/Test/Discard" status bar at the top will let you know if it's required.
  • Added the option to use non-standard channels on the 5GHz W-WAN radio (e.g. instead of 153, 157, 161, etc you'll have access to 153, 154, 155, 156, etc...).
  • Added a STBC configuration option. STBC = Space Time Block Coding. Enable this option to increase reliability of a longer link. The radio will transmit the same data over both streams if it feels like the quality is low. When STBC is on you'll have a lower data rate but the link will have a much higher quality.
  • Added a WMM configuration option. WMM = Wi-Fi Multimedia. Read here about here WMM: Note: WMM was on by default in the older versions of the firmware (using the default parameters). Now it will be off by default.
  • Show ACK timeout in microseconds, km, and miles
  • Updated the W-LAN Network Extender so that it can be enabled when the W-WAN radio is operating in Access Point or Point-to-Point mode. Network extender will continue to remain disabled when the W-WAN radio operates as a client.

Network Tab

  • Can select the eth0/eth1 as the WAN interface when the W-WAN radio is in AP or Point-to-Point Master mode.
  • New "Allow SSH from WAN" built-in firewall rule added on the Network tab for Router mode.
  • Added a destination column to the firewall rules popup so you can choose to create firewall rules specifically for the device (such as allow SNMP traffic from the WAN).

Advanced Tab

  • Changed the list of Hotspot interfaces to choose from. You can now select the W-WAN interface when the W-WAN is running in Access Point mode.
  • Added a color indicator to ethernet status when a link is established
  • Allow QoS to be enabled for an interface selected as the WAN interface, not just W-WAN
  • Remove the option to disable the Installer Network. Just hide the wireless network instead. If you had previously disabled your installer network it will become enabled and hidden after you upgrade.

Services Tab

  • New "Allow SNMP access from WAN" built-in firewall rule added on the Services tab in Router mode.


  • Added support for version 1.2 of the ARC Mobile App.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where WEP-enabled wireless interfaces using Hex-formatted keys might not work correctly.
  • Bug Fix: Disable WLAN radio, apply changes, and reboot. WLAN interfaces comes up when it shouldn't.
  • Bug Fix: WAN Traffic Limiting becomes disabled after firmware upgrade
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

ARC•OS Version 1.1, Build 407
Date Released: December 1, 2011

Download: Please download newest version

  • Added multi-language support
  • Added Arabic as a UI language option
  • Added ability to disable the Installer wireless network
  • Made W-LAN auto channel improvements
  • General UI enhancements
  • Static route improvements
  • IP aliasing improvements
  • Manual firewall rule improvements in cases where the device is running in Bridge mode
  • Improve ping tool operation in cases where device is unable to resolve a host
  • Status tab enhancements
  • Ethernet status improvements
  • Added ability to change the WAN MAC
  • Resolved issue where in some cases the DHCP client service has multiple instances running
  • Added support to extend networks with SSIDs containing spaces
  • Add ability to extend a network when W-WAN is plugged in but disabled
  • Improved refresh operation on the Advanced Tab of the UI
  • Improved the country code selection action so that the W-WAN interface is restarted to update actual channel lists and other country-specific settings
  • Removed unused kernel modules
  • Add ability to disable W-LAN without disabling Installer and Hotspot wireless networks
  • Improved W-WAN band selection for iFlex and Flex mARC

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