How-To: Enable Hotspot with Worldspot and ARCFlex

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This guide will help you setup a free Hotspot with using your ARCFlex™ devices.

When your customers connect to your wireless Hotspot network, they'll be redirected to a web page you have the option of customizing. You can choose to provide marketing material to your customers, or add information about the terms and conditions of using your network. During the configuration process you can even set limits on users' bandwidth rates.

The total setup time takes about 5 minutes.

Create and Setup Your Worldspot Hotspot Account

  • Open your browser and navigate to Next click on "Register" and fill out your information.

    Worldspot's landing page

  • Once your account is created, click on the "Create New Hotspot" link on the left side of the page. Fill in the name of your Hotspot (this will be your hotspot radius id). It must be unique.

    Your account page (before Hotspot is created)

  • After your Hotspot is created you'll see some new menu items on the left side of the page - click on "Configure Hotspot".

    Ws login after hs created.png

  • You can choose to edit the content shown on the main portal page or upload your own. To learn more about the options, read this (scroll to the "Hotspot configuration page" section): We also set the redirection URL to send users to after they login. When you're done configuring your Hotspot, click "Submit".

    Ws hotspot config.png

  • Next click on "Manage Access Profiles" from the menu on the left. Again, please reference: for more information on the different access profile options. In our case, we'd like to limit download and upload rates. Please note: Rates and volumes are in bits and bits/second. You can use k or M after a number to denote 1000 or 1 million. Click "Create" at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

    Ws access profile.png

  • Now click the link "Display Config Info" from the menu on the left. You'll see a page like the one below - keep this page open. The next step will be to enter the settings under the header "Chillispot configuration for hotspot <Name>" into your ARCFlex ™ device.

    Ws chilli settings.png

Configure your ARCFlex™ Device

  • Connect your laptop or PC to your ARCFlex™ product's Installer network and navigate to Login using your administrator credentials. Note: This guide assumes your product is already configured to have access to the internet.

    Af login.png

  • Navigate to the "Advanced" settings tab. You'll see the hotspot section on the right.

    Af hotspot.png

  • Select which interfaces you want to be included in the Hotspot network. You can choose from the following options:

    1. Hotspot wireless network
    This is a separate wireless network that runs on the W-LAN 2.4 GHz AP radio. This will be the most common selection. You can input your SSID in the Hotspot SSID field.
    2. W-WAN wireless network
    This option will only show up if you have a FreeStation or iFlex/Flex mARC + FlexUSB and the W-WAN wireless radio is configured to run in Access Point mode.
    3. eth0
    First ethernet port
    4. eth1
    Second ethernet port

    If your device is in router mode (see image below) the interface selected for the WAN will not show up in the list of options for hotspot interfaces. For most cases you will just want to select the "Hotspot Wireless Network" option only.

    Af router wan.png

  • Fill in the Worldspot parameters like so:
    WorldSpotARC Hotspot
    radiusserver1RADIUS Server #1
    radiusserver2RADIUS Server #2
    radiussecret RADIUS Shared Secret
    radiusnasid RADIUS Nas Id
    uamserver Auth Portal URL
    uamsecret Auth Portal Secret
    uamallowed Allowed Domains

    You'll need to include the paypal domains to the list of Allowed Domains if you plan on charging for Hotspot access.

  • Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom.

    Ss save button.png

  • Now click "Apply Changes" on the blue bar at the top of the browser page.

    Ss apply bar.png

Try Out Your New Hotspot

  • Connect your laptop or PC to the Hotspot wireless network. Try to navigate to a webpage. You should see your portal redirection page.

    Ws redirect.png

Making Changes to your Hotspot Configuration

If you need to make changes to the Hotspot configuration or Access Profiles (like changing download rate limit), you'll need to restart the hotspot service on your ARCFlex™ device. To do this, either reboot your device or go to the Advanced Tab in the Web UI, make a change on one of the hotspot fields (like add a new allowed domain), save changes and apply. In the future we'll be adding a button to make this process easier.

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