General Aviation

Antenna Products Corporation is a world leader in Aviation Communications antennas, specifically Ground-to-Air, Glide Slope, ILS, DME and DVOR antennas. APC has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality Aviation antennas for 60+ years. The DPV series Ground-to-Air antennas are rugged and reliable which may be why they are the antenna of choice for the FAA. Antenna Products is a name you can trust.

DPV Series Antennas

Our DPV series of VHF/UHF vertical dipole ground-to-air antennas is the most comprehensive on the market today. These collinear aviation antennas are available in single band, dual band, and multi-band configurations with one or more vertically polarized, omnidirectional dipoles integrated into one enclosure. From one to three inputs are available in various combinations covering the common UHF, VHF and other frequency bands.

Ground to Air Antennas

APC’s antennas are known for stellar performance, reliability under the most demanding conditions, and value. Our robust line of VHF/UHF civil aviation antennas are no exception. Designed for ground-to-air, air-to-ground, and point-to-point communications, our VHF and UHF aviation antennas are available with multiple configurations, features and characteristics to meet the needs of almost any installation.

Instrument Landing Systems

Our GS-420 glide slope antenna features enhanced vibration tolerance, improved dipole design and more precise tuning and phase matching of cables. Utilized in airports worldwide. Antenna Products manufactures several ILS aviation products, including our GS-420 glide slope antenna, yagi array antennas for monitoring the signal of a localizer array, as well as other products such as phasers, probes, localizers and omnirange test antennas. With ILS antenna systems currently in use at over 1,200 airports worldwide, we are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of proven solutions for aviation navigation infrastructure.

Antenna Product Aviation Antennas