Industrial WiFi antennas from Antenna Products Corporation are known for their superior performance, quality construction, and unsurpassed value. Our broadband WiFi products include electronic toll reader and RFID antennas. Our standard and custom panel and waveguide ISM wifi antennas have been developed to address the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) market for toll booth, road monitoring services and railroad applications in frequency ranges that are also being used for Scada systems and AMR (automatic meter reading) as well. PSB (Public Safety Band), UNII (Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure), WCS (Wireless Communication Services), and WLL (Wireless Local Loop) antennas are also available.

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Product Categories:

RFID Antennas

RFID WiFi Toll Reader Antennas

VHF and UHF RFID antennas for high-performance electronic toll reading are available in panel and horn configurations and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Train Antennas

WiFi Train Antennas

Our high-performance WiFi train antennas are currently serving transit authorities worldwide, used for communicating train status, including railway track position and speed.

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PSB (Public Safety Band)

Public Safety Band WiFi Antennas

Omni-directional, waveguide, horn and panel PSB antennas that support the 4.9 GHz spectrum for broadband applications such as wireless LANs, mesh networks, Wi-fi hotspots, and VoIP.

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U-NII Antennas

U-NII WiFi Horn Antenna

Our U-NII antennas feature extremely lightweight design and cover the 5 GHz band in 65, 90 and 120 degree HZ beam-widths with high gain performance and null-fill features.

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WLL (Wireless Local Loop)

WLL WiFi Panel Antenna

Covering the 3.1 – 3.7 GHz spectrum range, our WLL antennas include products for the new 3.65 GHz band that will see increasing use in the US for many broadband applications.

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ISM WiFi Antennas

ISM WiFi Panel Antenna

ISM WiFi is ideal for wireless LANs, mobile communications, and ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) applications and are available in panel, horn or omnidirectional configurations.

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Transportation Antennas

Transportation WiFi Horn Antenna

Antennas for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in this category range from 900 MHz WiFi to 6 GHz RFID antennas, with various models including panel, horn and omnidirectional.

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900 MHz WiFi

900 MHz WiFi Yagi Antenna

Our 900 MHz WiFi antennas are used primarily as toll tag readers, but are also suitable for any WLAN applications including SCADA, SMR, paging, ISM/GSM and cellular applications.

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WCS Antennas

WCS WiFi Panel Antenna

Primarily used for mobile voice and data, our Phazar™ brand WCS/WiBro panel antennas feature rugged construction, superior broadband performance, null-filling between lower sidelobes.

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