With patented HF antenna products that meet or exceed military specifications, Antenna Products is the globally trusted name in large scale strategic HF communication systems. Having designed and manufactured antennas and antenna systems for military and defense organizations since 1947, our products have excelled in mission-critical deployments around the world and in the most extreme environments imaginable.

Our VOBA models are well suited for naval ship-to-shore communications up to 100 miles, and have been designed in accordance with U.S. Navy specifications MIL-A-28768B(EC) and MIL-A-28768/1B(EC). Our patented SPQ-230 HF four arm spiral antenna operates in limited space as four (4) separate antennas integrated into one structure, with all inputs isolated to permit full duplex operation on multiple circuits simultaneously, and meets MIL-STD-810 (sand, dust and salt fog), MIL-STD-454K Reqt 4 (fungus), MIL-E-4158E (lightning), and MIL-STD-454K (corrosion) standards.

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