Product Feature: Phazar Dual AWS/PCS antennas for DAS and Small Cell applications

Antenna Products’ Phazar Dual AWS/PCS antennas, developed for DAS and small cell applications, offer an ideal solution for commercial wireless carriers that want to focus on the AWS band (1710 to 2155 MHz) and/or PCS band (1850 to 1990 MHz) using a single antenna system. Phazar antennas are currently being utilized by every major wireless carrier in the industry, meeting or exceeding the coverage and capacity requirements for installations in demanding urban environments such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, New Orleans and Chicago, as well as in theme parks such as Disneyland and Disneyworld.

The Phazar model AWS360D-1710-7-T0M-D is a dual AWS/PCS antenna featuring two vertically polarized antennas stacked on top of each other in a single radome with two connector outputs. This configuration allows carriers to address either AWS LTE performance or PCS LTE performance with a single antenna system. The unique construction of this design provides for a minimum of 30 dB isolation between each single antenna which allows a dual antenna LTE performance. Each antenna also meets a passive intermodulation (PIM) performance of minimum -150 dBc with a typical performance of at least -153 dBc.

With a height of only 48 inches in a 2 inch diameter radome, this dual 7 dBi gain antenna is an acceptable height for above the street light installation in most municipalities. The antenna is also painted the same color as the street light to make it nearly invisible to the public, and is also small enough to be used inside of utility grade fiber glass poles that are used as either street lights or flag poles.

Phazar dual stacked antennas can be used for oDAS systems, iDAS systems, Pico-Cell sites, RRH (Remote Radio Head) sites or small cell applications. “The flexibility of mounting these vertically polarized antennas on top of each other allows our antennas to address many different frequencies in one antenna, including 700 / 850 MHz and 2.6 GHz options”, says Steve Schueler, VP Business Development.


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