Antenna Products’ next-gen Conductive Composite Antenna Systems enter product development phase

Mineral Wells, Texas – July 22, 2015 —

Antenna Products Corp. has announced that their new conductive composite antenna systems have entered the product development phase, with key personnel from APC and North Fork Composites meeting recently in Woodland, WA to begin antenna element design. These next-generation conductive composite antennas, designed primarily for military and defense markets, promise robust performance characteristics at a 30-80% weight reduction, as well as superior corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, and simplified assembly.

This new phase of development continues the process that began late last year with the partnership of Antenna Products Corporation, Conductive Composites Company (Heber City, UT) and North Fork Composites. With strong demand signals from military and defense sectors where an antenna system’s size, weight, and power (SWAP) are critical factors, these conductive composite antennas will fill a crucial role in addressing the needs of increasingly mobile antenna applications.

“A close working relationship between three companies who are leaders in their respective fields cannot be understated,” says Phil Park, Major Accounts Manager with Antenna Products Corporation. “Combining North Fork Composites’ manufacturing expertise of nearly 80 years, the award-winning development and innovation of Conductive Composites Company, and our extensive antenna design and testing capabilities, an ultralight antenna system that will maintain virtually identical gain, VSWR and power handling capabilities of our existing metal based antennas is close to becoming a reality.”

Tactical and portable antennas, such as man-pack antennas, vehicular antennas, and naval antennas, will be among the first products to be cloned using conductive composite technology. Antenna Products has announced that the first antenna system being cloned in conductive composite material will be their model TLP-20 tactical log periodic, which covers the 20-1000 MHz frequency range and is designed for both transmit and receive purposes. The TLP-20 features a three-piece boom for quick assembly and disassembly in the field, with minimal or no tools, and can be used in the vertical or horizontal mode. A full line of log periodic, whip, yagi and sector antennas constructed of conductive composites are also in development for military, industrial, and telecommunications industries, with dates for market testing and commercialization yet to be announced.



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