RCAG Towers going up throughout the U.S

Antenna Products RCAG Towers

APC has recently introduced and begun shipments to the FAA of its Remote Communications Air/Ground (RCAG) Towers. The RCAG Towers have been specifically designed for the FAA’s next generation requirements for RTR Towers. The RCAG Tower is distinguished from traditional RTR Towers by its much larger tower base with faces as wide as 24 feet compared to the typical RTR Tower face of 4-8 feet. Having a much larger base the RCAG Tower can support much larger platforms as well with current platforms as large as 24X24 feet and larger versions possible based on requirements. The most important feature of the RCAG Tower is the integration of staircases into the towers replacing the ladders and safety harness climbing systems found on traditional RTR Towers. Greatly increasing safety and ease of access the staircases are a complete game changer for the installation and maintenance of the equipment mounted on the platform of the RCAG Tower.

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