Antenna Products Announces Major Upgrade to Test Range Facility

Mineral Wells, Texas – June 20, 2017

Antenna Products Corporation (“Antenna Products”) announces today that it has completed a major renovation and upgrade of its antenna radiation pattern testing facility in Mineral Wells, Texas. These upgrades dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of the test range, allowing for improved testing results for antennas with diverse applications such as HF, UHF/VHF, 4G, 5G, LTE, MIMO, Public Safety, Wi-Fi, White Space, Small Cell and DAS.

Situated on 50 acres located on the former site of the Fort Wolters helicopter training base, Antenna Products’ test range is uniquely qualified to provide exceptional testing results. In addition to its large size, the facility is remotely located and enjoys relatively clear spectrum to allow very accurate pattern testing. Although used primarily for internal testing purposes, the test range has also been utilized by significant defense contractors and wireless carriers.

The upgrades to the test range have further enhanced its capabilities. New controllers and software allow for the testing of over one hundred frequencies on a single sweep, creating quicker and more precise test measurements. This data can then be exported in a variety of formats to allow customers to run propagation simulations on programs such as iBwave, Planet and Atoll. Simultaneously, Phazar Antenna, Antenna Products’ cellular division, has greatly expanded its capabilities to offer greater flexibility in output formats to be used by designers of densified small cell and DAS networks. The test range remains available for select third party testing.


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