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Antenna Products Corp Will Supply US Airports For FAA

Antenna Products FAA

MINERAL WELLS, TX, October 16, 2018 – Antenna Products Corporation (APC), a Texas-based global manufacturer of high quality antenna systems for aviation, military, electronic toll roads and universal communication applications, has been awarded an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the supply of UHF/VHF ground-to-air communication antennas. The contract provides for an initial term of two years with four two-year-options potentially totaling ten years. The FAA previously extended the prior Antenna Products manufacturing contract to the maximum allowed extension period.

The continuing relationship between Antenna Products Corporation and the FAA will benefit US airports installing and updating their communications infrastructure.

“This contract is a major win for Antenna Products,” said Phil Park, APC’s Vice President of Sales. “Antenna Products has already shipped more than 55,000 of our DPV model antennas to airports all over the world. We believe this new contract affirms that APC delivers world class quality antennas and that the value is trusted by the FAA.”

Antenna Products has been working to modernize its antenna manufacturing process for civilian and military antennas in an effort to provide the best products at competitive prices. APC plans to grow this business segment beyond the scope of the FAA contract.

“Since many of the antennas under this contract have uses in other aviation and military applications, we absolutely believe that APC’s improved operating efficiencies could help us grow this business segment significantly,” Park said. “Based on estimated forecasts, if all the contract options are exercised, this contract represents a multi-million dollar opportunity for Antenna Products Corporation.”

The antennas under that contract will be manufactured at APC’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Mineral Wells, Texas.

“The Mineral Wells workforce and the manufacturing advantages in the area are an important reason why Antenna Products has been a thriving business for more than 50 years,” Park said. “APC is honored to be able to demonstrate strong performance and to continue as a dependable partner for the FAA.”

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