Antenna Products President elected Co-Chairman of High Frequency Industry Association

Mineral Wells, Texas – March 26, 2015 — The President of Antenna Products Corporation, Robert Fitzgerald, has been elected co-chairman of the High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA). Fitzgerald’s term began in February, 2015 and will run for two years. The HFIA provides a forum for the interactive exchange of technical ideas, information and latest developments in the area of High Frequency (HF) Radio communications between government and industry.

Fitzgerald explains, “Antenna Products is completely committed to the HF industry and the advancement of HF communications systems. I am honored to have been named Co-Chairman of HFIA, along with John Rosica. I look forward to working with John and increasing the impact of HFIA for its members.”

Mr. Fitzgerald has extensive experience in broadband wireless communications including Wi-Fi, LTE, WiMax, mesh, microwave, millimeter wave, free space optics (FSO) and wireless ISPs (WISP). He is currently the President of Antenna Products Corporation, a subsidiary of QAR Industries, Inc. Antenna Products is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality antenna systems including large scale HF antenna systems.

Mr. Fitzgerald is the founder of QAR, LLC, an investment and advisory company. In 2009, as part of his role at QAR, Mr. Fitzgerald began to provide strategic consulting to Ubiquiti Networks and was ultimately appointed their President, holding that position until August 2010. Founded in 2005, Ubiquiti Networks is a next-generation communications technology company that designs and manufactures disruptive technology including AirMax, UniFi and AirFiber.

Previous to QAR, Mr. Fitzgerald served as the Chief Executive Officer of Young Design, Inc. (YDI) beginning in 1999. YDI is a world leader in providing extended range products for license free wireless data delivery systems, and is the largest manufacturer of 2.4 GHz amplifiers in the world. He remained their CEO until January 2008, over which time the company grew from $600,000 in annual revenues to over $70 million, acquiring companies such as Zeus Wireless, Telaxis, KarlNet, Terabeam, Ricochet Networks and Proxim. Mr. Fitzgerald holds degrees from UCLA in both economics and law.

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