Antenna Products Corporation Awarded NATO Brass Poland Contract to Supply HF Antennas

Mineral Wells, Texas – January 27, 2015 — Antenna Products Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality antenna systems for military, aviation, electronic toll and communication applications, has been awarded a contract to supply the majority of the high frequency (HF) antennas to be deployed as part of the NATO Broadcast, Maritime Rear Link and Ship Shore (“BRASS”) deployment in Poland. These antennas will be manufactured in Antenna Products Corp.’s 100,000+ square foot plant in Mineral Wells, Texas.

“Following our successful deployments for NATO BRASS Portugal and NATO BRASS Spain, NATO BRASS Poland further establishes the Antenna Products’ solution as the de facto standard for NATO BRASS deployments,” states Richard Gilley, Antenna Products’ Vice President who continues, “Antenna Products’ HF antennas are generally viewed as the best built and most robust antenna solution for demanding environments where performance and longevity of the antenna are paramount. We are honored with another NATO BRASS award confirming the quality of our product offering.”

Antenna Products Corp. is a recognized world leading provider of strategic HF antennas. Its CMV line of inverted cone HF antennas, BDP line of broadband dipole HF antennas and LPH line of rotatable log periodic HF antennas, including the LPH-1 and LPH-89, all offer frequency coverage from 2-30 MHz. In addition, Antenna Products offers a large variety of other strategic HF antennas including directional, omni-directional, spiral, multi-port and shipboard HF antennas.

About Antenna Products Corp: For half a century, longer than virtually any active antenna manufacturer, Antenna Products has been designing and manufacturing antennas and antenna systems. With decades of real world experience and ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing, we regularly supply high quality antennas for mission critical applications. Our antennas cover the RF spectrum, from kilohertz to gigahertz and support countless mission critical military, air/sea navigation, ILS and voice/data communications applications including High Frequency (HF) antennas, Distributed Antenna System (DAS)/Small Cell antennas, RFID/Electronic Toll antennas, Ground-to-Air antennas, Intelligent Transportation antennas and Instrument Landing System (ILS) antennas. For more information about us, please visit:

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