APC’s Phazar antenna for DAS networks featured in AGL Magazine

Antenna Products’ Phazar antennas were recently featured in AGL Magazine’s DAS and Small Cell “Product Showcase”, which highlights new and innovative products from the mobile-communications industry. AGL Magazine has been providing in-depth coverage of the wireless, broadcasting and land mobile sectors to industry professionals for over ten years.

“Antenna Products’ Phazar antennas have been used on many street lights and utility poles for DAS applications. The 2-inch diameter omnidirectional antennas are stacked vertically in single, dual, triple and quad configurations with a DIN 7/16 connector for each of the individual antennas. Combinations of 700 MHz 850 MHz (698 MHz to 896 MHz) and AWS/PCS (1710 MHz to 2155 MHz) antennas allow multiple carrier bands to be used in the same antenna. The Phazar Quad antenna provides two low-band and two high-band antennas for potential LTE performance.”

Phazar’s DAS Antennas (Distributed Antenna Systems) and DAS Antenna mounting hardware have been developed to augment existing base station system coverage in major metropolitan areas on street lights, utility poles and monopoles for future advanced mobile services. Combinations of 700 MHz, Cellular/SMR, PCS and AWS frequencies are combined in single, dual and quad antenna configurations and Tri-Sector antennas for either sector or quasi-omni area coverage.

Phazar’s high performance base station antennas has been developed for WiFi and WiMAX broadband infrastructure and backhaul systems. The new product lines offer high gain performance with superior null-fill beam-forming features that improve the coverage under the antenna horizon for MIMO applications in BRS/MMDS, WCS/WiBro, Wireless Local Loop, WiFi and UNII-Band systems.

Antenna Products is a world leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality antenna systems. Founded in 1972, Antenna Products has extensive experience across a broad range of frequencies and antenna types for some of the most demanding customers in the world including major carriers, military agencies, and prime contractors of the United States government. Antenna Products can provide antennas in frequency ranges from 2 mHz to 6 GHz. Types of antennas that are offered by Antenna Products include omni, sector, flat panel, yagi, di-pole, navigation antennas. Applications in which Antenna Products’s antennas are considered industry leaders include ILS (instrument landing system), electronic toll collection, and cellular/DAS (distributed antenna systems).