Antenna Products Corporation introduces Arctic Black, the Super-hydrophobic coating

Antenna Products Arctic Black

Extreme Conditions don’t stand a chance.

Antenna Covered in Ice

Don’t get ICED Out!

Antenna Products Corp. (APC), a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality antenna systems for military, aviation, 5-G, electronic toll and communication applications, today announces the general availability of its Arctic Black Super-hydrophobic Coating for the majority of its products.  After extensive real world testing in extreme environments subject to ice build-up, APC has determined that Arctic Black provides vastly superior performance to traditional coatings and paint.  Additionally, based on our experience we believe that by shedding salt water, Arctic Black will greatly mitigate corrosion in marine environments.

Arctic Black is a super-hydrophobic coating that is extremely slippery and remarkably effective at shedding water, ice and other substances.  When combined with the thermal loading properties of a black color, Arctic Black has been demonstrated to often leave antennas ice-free while identical antennas without Arctic Black are experiencing significant ice build-up.  Ice build-up can be a serious headache for communications operators, especially with remote deployments.  Not only does ice build-up greatly increase the wind loading of the antenna leading to catastrophic failure or reduced operational life, at higher frequencies it can substantially degrade the performance of the antenna and result in lost communication.


  • Repels Water
  • Prevents Significant Ice Build-Up
  • Salt and Sand Resistant
  • Strengthens Surface Protection
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Extends Operational Life*
  • Customizable Colors

Numerous Applications and Benefits

Arctic Black is immediately available on our entire line of HF, UHF, VHF, Shipboard, DAS, Omni Directional,  RFID, and Aviation products.  We can also offer Arctic Black on your custom projects.  Contact one of our representatives today.

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